Friday, April 25, 2008

Maddeningly Inconsistent

A curious thing happened yesterday. I ordered a polish sausage at Zoe's soccer game, and there was no fish or chorizo in the bun.

Ignorant rubes.


Johnny Yen said...

Maybe you just didn't order it right. Here in Chicago, the correct way is"

"Hey-- can aye getta Polish?"

Johnny Yen said...

Even if you order a Polish in that matter in Chicago, though, they're probably not be any fish or chorizo in it, I'm pretty sure. It might in Seattle, depending on how bad the English of the person you're ordering it from is.

Johnny Yen said...

manner, not matter. I just got home from work.

Anonymous said...

I wish your post's were longer this season. Come on, do it for Zoi!!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Where's C.J. and his upscale lobster versions of humble sausage when you really need him, eh?

deadspot said...

It's crazy. One week, not following the challenge gets you booted instead of a guy who is double dipping in front of the diners, and the next week, the team that didn't use any of their three requirements gets off scott free.

It wasn't magenta. Magenta is vibrant. They even said that they didn't want their purple stuff to be "too purple". (Personally, I'd have gone all Rocky Horror Picture Show on them if they'd given me the word Magenta.)

Doing a shot at the end of your intro is not "drunken".

And how can you make a Polish Sausage dish that doesn't contain Polish Sausage? That's crazy. You should not only get booted off, you should have to do the walk of shame while all the cast and crew point and laugh and call you dumbass. Now that's television.

And what happened to the judges who ripped Beehive a new one for not making her own sausage last week? You don't pick chorizo off a fucking bush. Somebody makes the stuff. I guess once you decide that the rules don't matter, store-bought sausage doesn't even count.

But nooooooo... Beasty Fauxhawk got kicked off because the judges thought that the goat cheese was too prominent. What. Ever.

deadspot said...

Johnny, isn't it a Po-lish Sassige in Chicaga?

vikkitikkitavi said...


Fucking curry????