Monday, July 2, 2007

She Followed Me Home. Can I Keep Her?

Awwwww... Isn't she cute?

Corinne Bohrer (one r, two n's, silent h... Damn, no wonder she has trouble finding good roles... the casting agents just can't spell her name.) has been plugging away, paying her dues since the early eighties, with bit parts in some really dismal television: Falcon Crest, T.J. Hooker, Hardcastle and McCormick, Herman's Head... does anyone remember The Powers of Matthew Star? I thought not. I was flipping channels a couple of months ago and saw her in a previously-unaired episode of Ned and Stacy. Oh, hon. If I knew you needed the money, I'd have sent you ten bucks.

She's been in a ton of made-for-television and crappy, low-budget films, the high points of which were probably Police Academy 4 and Revenge of the Nerds 4. Ouch. Bad franchises well past their sell-by dates.

Still, she's an iconic 80s actress to me, even though every time I see her, I have this confused moment of semi-recognition. "Hey! It's... um... her. She was in... something. Right?" In fact, looking over her filmography I wonder just what the hell I have seen her in. She was probably the main character's friend or sister in something. She just exudes charm and likability, but not "lead character". There's just something about her goofy, off-kilter smile that makes you love her the second you see her, but never take her very seriously.

I did see her a couple of years ago in Phantom of the Megaplex, a lame-ass Disney Channel movie... I know, it's one of the hazards of having children. Thank god they've outgrown it, although I do occasionally miss Kim Possible.

IMDB says she scored 6 episodes of Veronica Mars recently, but I haven't seen them. I like that series, but I only catch it sporadically.

So, Corinne, if you're reading this, you always have a place to crash at my house, and if they offer you another Police Academy movie, please call. I'll send you money.

Oops... shout out to Splotchy's Character Actor Adoption Center goes here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Top Chef. I know! I know!


Splotchy said...

This is what the actor adoption business is all about [sniff].

Great choice!

I'll add you to the adoption roster.

Johnny Yen said...

She is definitely cuter than my adopted actor, M. Emmet Walsh.

vikkitikkitavi said...

But what I really want to know is how the Padma-Rushdie split will effect TC?

deadspot said...

Thanks, Splotchy!

I'm just a better planner than you, Johnny. On the remote chance that our actors might actually end up crashing at our homes, I totally make out like a bandit on this deal. You know me, I'm always thinkin'...

I hadn't even heard about that, Vikki. I think I have a deficient celebrity gossip gland. It's a huge handicap in our dead pool.

Anonymous said...

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