Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Could You Be A Bigger Douchebag?

Knowing full well that he used to be a Hitler Youth member, my reaction to his latest yammering was still

"What (Chelsea Handler pause) an asshole."

If I may?
a) Please. Like we don't know that angel farts are the most significant contributor to global warming, and

b) WTF?

Look, "being a Nazi" is usually sufficient evidence that someone is an asshole, but if you still need convincing that Pope Benny Dick may not be your best source of moral guidance, there's the whole "equal rights for everyone is a threat to mankind on the same level as the wanton, wholesale destruction of our ecosystem" thing.

You know... in case you're still on the fence.


SouthernBelle said...

To be brutally honest I'm not particularly sure how I feel about some gender-blurring issues, but if Emperor Pope-atine is *against*, well, I guess I'm *for*.

How the eff did a former Nazi-at-least-sympathizer get to be the Pope?

SouthernBelle said...

Also, Tag!

vikkitikkitavi said...

You know, the Catholic church could've kept on the road the started down with JP2, who was also an asshole, albeit a relatively progressive asshole, but instead they pick the ex-Nazi Muslim hater. They deserve the slow death of irrelevence.