Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A CTV Original

"Hey, wait a second. CTV? I'm not in Canada."

I'd been watching yet another Scrubs rerun on WGN last night when it ended and the next show began. The familiar CTV logo popped up and the next show started. It was a show I hadn't seen before called Corner Gas. It wasn't until the show actually started that it really registered that it was a Canadian show.

It was funny. You should watch it.


BeckEye said...

I guess that will be the last time you'll let that toothless, drunk guy wearing the turtleneck and hunter's cap fix your TV?

It's funny how the physical description of a Canadian strongly resembles that of an American hillbilly.

I'm just saying all of this to piss Dale off, because he's buying votes over at

Evil Genius said...

But I don't have a metric TV!

lulu said...

My upstairs neighbor (a fellow teacher) is Canadian and completely obsessed with Corner Gas. He has DVDs of all the seasons and throws big viewing parties.

Dale said...

I'd watch it if they all weren't so hammy and overactory.

deadspot said...

I've only seen two or three episodes, but I've noticed that it's got kind of a weird vaudevillian pace. It's all set up, punchline, set up, punchline, set up, punchline. At least there's no laugh track, so they let you decide which ones to laugh at.

Still, what else is on at that hour?

Wait, Lulu... are you in Dhaka, Saskatchewan?