Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Series of Improbably Stupid Events

Yeah, I saw the Heroes finale. Spoiler alert: I'm going to rant.

Allow me to suggest that if the writers can't do better than that, it's time for them to end their strike and nip off down to the Learning Annex for a workshop or something. If your plot relies entirely on a large number of otherwise intelligent people suddenly acting in bizarrely stupid ways, you may very well have gone astray. I have suggested in the past that my opinion of the average person is fairly low, but even I couldn't buy a fraction of the deuxfus ex machina that was unveiled last night.

If you tivoed the episode, stop reading now.

"Peter Petrelli! Yataaaaah! It's your pal Hiro! Remember me? We saved the world together this summer! I'm a fairly trustworthy guy, right? Yeah... well, don't trust that guy you busted out of prison. You know, the guy on the cross-country killing spree? He's going to release the virus."

"Duh! Peter smash!"

"You know... the virus that's going to wipe out the human race... the one that's been sitting here undisturbed in a secure storage facility in the middle of Bumblefuck, Texas, for decades? The one that's going to be released today, the very same day that you and Skippy show up? That's kind of a coincidence, hunh? Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?"


"Tell you what. Why don't we hang out, watch the vault, and if anyone other than your friend the immortal homicidal maniac over there tries to screw with it, I'll stop time and we'll take care of it? Sound like a plan?"


"What's that, Petey? Your girlfriend's fallen down a future dystopian hellhole? Wow, that sucks. If only you knew someone who could travel through time to go get her. Know anyone like that? Anyone? No?"


"You're testing my patience, Peter Petrelli. I'm just going to scamper off to Wal-Marts for a gun. I'll be right back. It won't take me a second. Literally! Ha! See how that works? Because... I... never mind."

"I like eggs!"

"You're going to zap me, aren't you? Sigh. Fine, do what you've gotta do, Einstein, but you may want to remind your pal Skippy that he can't move around when I stop time, and that the next time he pulls a sword on me, we're going to find out if he can regenerate from being julienned, 'kay?"

Or how about that Dr. Suresh? Not looking like such a brainiac this episode is he? As a web-certified genius, let me point out just a few of the flaws in his performance last night.

At the very most basic level, if too much of the cure is going to kill the gun-toting mutant sociopath intent on murdering you and everyone around you, then you should probably consider the option of keeping your mouth shut and cheerfully upping his dosage instead of warning him about the potential side effects.

And if, by some chance, you lose your fucking mind and decide not to give him a massive overdose, you may want to consider buying some time by telling him that he has a strain of the virus that you've never seen before and it's going to take you a while to come up with a compatible cure, instead of spilling your guts and telling him that by an unbelievable coincidence you have the cure right there, in that container over there on the floor. Because, as you may recall, he's planning to kill you as soon as you cure him.

And in the unlikely circumstance that he gets blasted through a plate-glass window before he gets the chance to kill everyone, you should probably tell Veronica Mars there that he's really not going to be all that difficult to follow, even with a five-second head start, if she just follows the trail of blood.

Crazy Nikki started out OK by pistol whipping the mad arsonist instead of listening to his shit. But then she got all "trapped in a burning building" because a beam fell at an angle across a hall. Get a pencil and paper. I'll wait. Draw a right angle. Make the vertical side tall and the horizontal side short, like (for example) the wall and floor of a hallway. Now, connect the ends with a diagonal line. That's what Pythagoras calls "the hypotenuse", and it's played in this case by the fallen beam. See all that open space under the beam? Hey, Nikki, did it occur to you to duck and lean to the left? It occurred to me.

And this last bit is just for the writers. While we're on the subject of you being bad at your job, could you remind me again how it is, exactly, that the characters know how to kill the Amazing Immortal Regenerating Man, seeing as there's only one of him and he isn't, strictly speaking, actually dead yet? Did you think that bit through? Didn't think so.

Speaking of not thinking things through, since you went out of your way to tell us over and over again that the immortal regenerating guy can only be killed by shooting him in the head, you probably should have reconsidered the scene where you use regeneration to bring the cheerleader's dad back from the dead after shooting him in the head. That's either a huge continuity problem or Richard Scarry's Most Obvious Foreshadowing Ever. Either way, you suck.


Johnny Yen said...

This is why I don't watch tv anymore (okay, I do watch the History Channel, but only when napping). It sucks, and it's way quicker to read the blog posts about it.

It seems pretty much across the boards on the blogs I read that Heroes has been one of those shows that had a great beginning and proceeded to suck. From what I read, I can save my time in retirement netflixing the reruns. That leaves only The Simpsons and Taxi to catch up on.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Spoil away, spoil away. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about until Season Four of Top Chef.

BeckEye said...

Never watched. Have no interest. They can't beat the Greatest American Hero.

Catherinette Singleton said...

You know, I watched the episode and didn't realize it was the finale. God damn it. It was really disappointing.

Hot Lemon said...

::sigh:: sometimes I wished I watched TV just so I could be in touch w/my own culture...

Natalie said...

Dr. Suresh has consistently been the stupidest person in the history of the world since episode one. I can't blame him for continuing in his stupidity. Peter, however, was a bit of a disappointment. Needless to say I was so happy that Nikki dies that I am glad she was so stupid as to remain in a burning building. We already know Claire is immune to head trauma from season one, maybe her regeneration is cooler than that of Adam? I think I give them too much credit. As dumb as I know this show is I just adore it. What can I say, I'm not picky.

Hot Lemon said...

maybe this Christmas we can all buy our sons a new knife to take to school??

Dr.evil said...

I hate watching TV. Thats why as dictator, I will ban stupid TV, unless Ozzy Osbourne is the main character.

deadspot said...

So yeah... I watched this a week ago and I still haven't responded to any of your comments.


I blame work.

Honestly, Johnny, the finale of Chuck was better. If James Bond was a geek and had a dead end job at Best Buy and no idea what he was doing, he'd be Chuck ...and the theme song is Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake, which gets it major bonus points in my book.

I hear they had a holiday show, WP, but I think I was playing Disgaea 2. I do so hope they'll re-run it so I can recap.

Thanks for the earworm, Becks. Now I've got the GAH theme stuck in my head.

I know what you mean, Cath. It degenerated to the point where we were all making fun of how stupidly the main characters were behaving instead of really watching the show.

It may be sad and pathetic, but it's the only one we've got, Lemon. Hey, I ran out of Christopher Moore at the library and started reading Carl Hiaasen recently. We could talk about that.

Just for you Natalie, made up on the spot, (to the tune of "When You're a Jet"):

When you're a geek,
you're a geek all the way,
from your first Shatner Trek,
to your last dying day.

Oh, god. My blog now has show tunes and holiday music. I think I've lost my will to live.

Where was I? Oh yeah... We don't know that Nikki is dead. Not really. She was in the building, and then the building blew up. We don't know that it killed her. I mean, they shot Claire's dad in the eye. He seemed pretty dead, but he's back.

You're right about Dr. Suresh, but I would think the threat of impending death would give him a little focus.

It's so sad when we make justifications for bad sci-fi because there's nothing better on... but there's nothing better on.