Monday, November 19, 2007

If You Can Read This...

You might be a

go and spam no more

And what does a genius read? Glad you asked. Here's a representative sample of the sorts of things that geniuses enjoyed reading last week:

"...blogspider-generated celebrity spamblog..."


"Fer chrissakes, lady, it was Planet Claire."

"...something something something about feeding the hungry that sort of rhymes."

"...aerodynamic bras, drive-in movies, cars with fins, and entertainingly bad sci-fi."

"...sharks with fricken lasers on their heads."

"Hey, guy... Yeah, you with your mullet on sideways."

Clearly, we're all geniuses here.


Dale said...

Wow, I was thrilled to get a high school level! Please continue to talk to me at least until I'm president of the student council and my head grows too large for my hair.

Hot Lemon said...

stupid drunk dog! Makes me look bad!!

Dale, you and I were both ranked as high school, so we'll form our own clique and make fun of ol' genius, here...

Dale said...

He'll never even know Hot Lemon, he'll be signing autographs.

Evil Evil Genius said...

I may be a genius? You don't say!