Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fire Down Below

Becks hasn't explained exactly what the expectations are for my new role as President of her fan club, but I hope they include Graft, Corruption, Decadence, and Lies.

There is one thing that concerns me. The squirrels apparently think I "owe them one" now. They left muttering something about a kajillion acorns, but a) I'm pretty sure that's not a real number, and b) I don't think they can count that high.

Finally, I'd like to apologize if the title of this post caused any confusion. Just to be clear, under a Deadspot administration, I promise more of this

and less of this


katrocket said...

Is that Steven Segal? Oh man, dude's really let himself go.

deadspot said...

It's either Steven Segal or something that ate Steven Segal.

It turns out that there are two movies called Fire Down Below. One involves a love triangle with smugglers and ex-pats in the aftermath of WWII. The other involves, if IMDb serves me correctly, snakes, toxic waste, and exploding churches.

...or perhaps churches, toxic waste, and exploding snakes. It wasn't totally clear.

Johnny Yen said...

Oh man, that picture of Steven Seagal is just wrong.

Cormac Brown said...

"They left muttering something about a kajillion acorns"

They're just going to bury them in the lawn and forget about them like squirrels and The Hiltons do.