Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indiana Jones and the AARP

Other rejected names for the new Indiana Jones Movie:

Indiana Jones and the Kids on his Lawn

Indiana Jones and the Eventual Left

Indiana Jones and the Little Blue Pill

Indiana Jones and the Long, Rambling Story

Indiana Jones and the Medicare Part B

Indiana Jones Versus the Zimmermen! (for UK release)

Indiana Jones and the Hip Replacement

Indiana Jones and the Childproof Cap

Indiana Jones and the Kids Today With Their Rock And Roll Music And Their Baggy Pants

Indiana Jones and the Hoveround

Indiana Jones and the CBS Evening News

Indiana Jones and the Newfangled Telephone

Indiana Jones and the Interminable Pictures of Grandchildren

Indiana Jones and the Exam of Doom

Is it just me or is Harrison Ford getting a little long in the tooth to be an action hero?


vikkitikkitavi said...

He can star in as many dumb movies as he wants, but please, lord, please do not let him get all Michael Douglas on us and start breeding with that vaccuous young wife.

Writeprocrastinator said...

You sir, are a genius.

Flannery Alden said...

Awesome list!

I'd love to add to it...but I think you've hit them all.

BeckEye said...

That's fantastic. I love "Indiana Jones and the Long, Rambling Story" the most.

Here's one for my 80-year old Pop:
Indiana Jones Points out Unimportant Landmarks

I don't know if it's an old guy thing across the board, but any time I'm in a car with my Dad, he has to tell me if "there's a golf course back behind that hill" or "that road used to cut down this way and there was a bait and tackle shop there," or "if you cut up there and take two lefts you can get on the old highway." He enjoys it, so I don't rain on his parade.

Dale said...

Indiana Jones and The Walker of Shame

Great list, will they have to use special effects to erase the earring he likes to wear?

GETkristiLOVE said...

Somehow, Sean Connery calling out, "Senior" just doesn't have the same appeal.

Grant Miller said...