Monday, February 12, 2007

All the Cool Kids Were Doing It...

My iPod on shuffle, getting me through the home stretch at work:

1. Better Do It Right - Smash Mouth
2. Cold Light - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Not Great Men - Gang of Four
4. My Last Breath - Evanescence
5. Tired of You - Foo Fighters
6. Wasted - Black Flag
7. Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Glycerine - Bush
9. 24 Hours - The Sounds
10. Racist Friend - The Specials

1. Note to self: take xmas songs off iPod. That said, this is one of two of my xmas songs that stays on my iPod all year. It came on some promotional CD from Target a few years ago, and it rocks along in a swingy sort of way that I dig, and I love the line that goes "So he took me for a ride in his Cadillac, stolen from a kleptomaniac, at a horse racetrack."

The other xmas song that stays on all year is "I'll be Hating You For Christmas" by Everclear.

2. I bought this CD in Mendocino just before my friends Andreas and Lynn got married. This CD always reminds me of the drive back through the redwoods and vineyards in the late night and early morning.

3. I love Gang of Four's jangly guitar riffs. I dubbed my first copy of this song off Andreas' LP way back around the year I met Brian at Eastern. C30, C60, C90, Go!

4. Mock if you want. She has a great voice.

5. I need to clean up my iTunes. I marked it for deletion and hit skip. 5 minutes of that? No thanks.

6. My ears rang for three days after I saw them at Mabel's. 52 seconds. Suck it, Foo Fighters.

7. You've got to have one RHCP song on your iPod, and one will pretty much do it. This is the one I chose.

8. Factoid for the day: Gavin Rossdale played Stanley Mortensen in The Game of Their Lives, a soccer movie about the biggest upset in U.S. Soccer history. Even if you don't love soccer, this may come in useful as an obscure link in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Enjoy.

9. They sometimes remind me of Joan Jett, in a sort of Sweedishy way. I think this is their Joaniest Jettiest track, and they're only rocking at about 8 out of 11. I bought their whole album as my first iTunes purchase after getting my iPod.

10. A mellow and politically correct finish.

Does anyone else get the urge to edit their shuffle list? My 11 was great, and 5 was a waste of a spot. Maybe it's just me.

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Johnny Yen said...

I've had that happen a few times-- the 11th song is great. "Mine goes to 11..."

That drive back throught the redwoods was marvelous, wasn't it, except that 1. Brad was driving like a bat out of hell, and 2. Me and his girlfriend were hung over to high hell, prompting Brad's now-famous quote, "I detect a queasy silence."

I know I've mentioned running into Henry Rollins in the Barnes and Noble I worked at when I was student-teaching. Very cool guy.

I was just discussing with someone the songs "Your Racist Friend" by the Specials and They Might Be Giants-- how they've basically got the same message.