Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Slow start...

Question for the day: Why do people save their sick days?

My theory is that misery loves company. If they're going to be sick, everybody's going to be sick. They're going to stick it out, go to work, and infect other people. People like, for example, me. That way, they have someone to discuss symptoms with.


If somebody could please kill me before I have to watch more daytime TV or drink another cup of tea, they would be doing me a huge favor.

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Johnny Yen said...

I ended up accumulating more than 40 sick days from my stint in Cicero. I never, ever took sick days off when I was sick because I only took sick days off to do things I had to do (routine custodial court dates) or things I wanted to do-- fly out to Oakland and drink my ass off with Andreas. And now I found out that 1. Those sick days got added on to my pension from there, and 2. I can cash it out and use it for school or put it in my own retirement fund.

The upshot is that I'd rather work if I'm sick-- if I'm going to take time off, I want it to be when I'm healthy.