Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This just in from the Weekly World N... what the hell? ...from the BBC?

Girl Could Give Birth to Own Sibling She's seven and it's her mom's idea. Yeah. It's chock full of creepy.

Dale, aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on things up there? Canada is supposed to be the more civilized, less Jerry Springery country here. I'm rather disappointed.

Check out my mad polling skillz: Wikipedia has Steve Buscemi listed as both an indie actor and a character actor. He can't be both. He was Mr. Pink, for god's sake. That has to count for something! But he was also Ellen's dad on Pete and Pete. What gives? Is he fish or fowl? Or meat... or err... tofu? You vote while I get this metaphor back on track.

Also, Becks let us all in on the fabulous FineTune plug in. I have to fi... um... make some small adjustments to my playlist, but it's up and running amidst the staggering amount of crap in my sidebar. Give it a spin. Even if you hate my song choices, blow through enough of them and you'll at least get a mildly amusing message from the folks at fine tune. Have at it!


BeckEye said...

Your playlist is a lot more, uh, mainstream than I would've expected from you. That's not a bad thing, just surprising.

Your first two songs are the same as the first two on my Brit-Pop mix.

I found out something else about FineTune...a minor annoyance. The player will only go through 45-50 songs and then automatically stop. So when you reload it, you could conceivably keep getting repeats instead of hitting the songs that you missed. But, like I said...minor. It's still so much better than most Internet radio sites I've tried out. I'm glad I could turn you on. To it. Uh huh huhuhuhuhuh.

Tanya Espanya said...

You know, Canada is always trying to be like the US; fifty-first state and all that...

Happy 4th. :)

deadspot said...

You didn't mean to turn me on?

Mainstream? Ouch. When realized that I had to get up to 45 songs or I couldn't embed it, I panicked and started shoveling, so there's a lot of filler in there.

Which songs came up first? I was listening to your Summer Mixx, but I haven't tried the Brit-Pop.

Aw, thanks, Tanya. And after I totally forgot to wish you a happy Canada Day.

Anonymous said...

isn't that just a BAAAD IDEA to bugger with genetics like that?

that's so fucked up, it could be in the BIBLE!!

Coaster Punchman said...

I also blame Dale for most of my problems. As for the girl giving birth to her own sibling, at least she's not doing it the old fashioned way.

Dale said...

The fact that she looks like Blossom should have been reason enough to have the whole family sterilized and those eggs fried sunny side up.

I do appreciate the blaming though since I haven't had enough of that lately (Hi Mom!). I may be to blame for some of Coaster Punchman's problems but I strongly believe a few of them were pre-existing.

deadspot said...

Yeah, it's pretty twisted, Big O. Mommy-Sister... *shudder*

This is true, CP.

That would be a very special episode of Blossom, eh, Dale? "Hey, Dad... you know that spoo you have on ice?"
You went home for a week and still had a blame deficiency? As unlikely as that sounds, I'm glad I could help.