Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thank Diebold

The votes from the Reader's Choice poll are in. Things were neck and neck for a while, but Dale put Hunter Spot Thompson out in front and it never looked back.

The final votes, courtesy of Diebold and Gahanna, OH, are:

The Obvious: 258
Zero: -3.1417
Hunter Spot Thompson: 260
George Bush: 3893

I think something is amiss, so I'm going to award the election to Hunter Spot Thompson. HST will be my avatar until I get bored and decide to change it. In the event that Hunter Spot Thompson cannot fulfil his duties, or if inappropriate images of Hunter Spot Thompson turn up on the internet, The Obvious, as runner-up, will step in to fulfil those duties.

Thanks everyone!


Johnny Yen said...

I'm afraid that the Supreme Court has overruled-- George W. Bush has won, and Katherine Harris will not allow a recount.

Flannery Alden said...

Alas, you chose Barfy the Dog. I'll forgive you since you're cute.

deadspot said...

=D Flannery thinks I'm cute.

The readers chose Barfy, so you'll have to blame Dale. This is clearly his fault.

Dale said...

Again with the blaming. Thank you!

deadspot said...

I aim to please.