Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blackwater Fatigue

When you saw the headline Blackwater killings 'broke rules' your reaction was probably the same as mine. "Well, duh."

I almost didn't bother reading the article. Let sleeping dead horses lie, or something like that. But eventually I did.

Johnny has been reminding us that we should really stop asking how things can get worse. I never learn. I always ask. They always find a new way.

The FBI says that at least 14 of the 17 killings of unarmed civilians by the heavily-armed, out of control mercenaries in just that single incident were unjustified? Saw that coming.

The mercenaries weren't even following their own rules of engagement. Color me unsurprised.

So just how bad can it get?

Well, Howard Krongard, the guy in charge of State Department contracts and ensuring that the department behaves ethically might just feed a line of horseshit to the investigators. That would be a start.

The "ugly rumors" that his family was linked to Blackwater could turn out to be totally true. That would be worse.

When Howie said that his brother "had no financial relationship with the private security firm", he may have actually meant it in the sense of "my brother is meeting with their advisory board today." That's not so good.

Now he says he had no idea and that he never thought to check into that ...during the two months between the shootings and when he lied under oath. Apparently he discovered his intellectual curiosity just as soon as he got off the stand. And then he found out that everyone else was right and he was wrong. Oops. His bad.

Wow. Do these clowns have any credibility left to lose?


vikkitikkitavi said...

Yet another "fox in charge of the henhouse" moment for BushCo. (yawn!)

Hot Lemon said...

I missed this story completely-- I was in the grocery store reading all the tabloids about the latest goings on with Brittney.