Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey, DJ, Spin That Wheel!

You know the drill because you've probably already done it on your blog: seven songs you're into rightaboutnow, funk soul brother. Not your seven favorite songs ever. Not seven songs that will make you seem cooler to your blog friends.

I consider myself a punk rock kind of guy. In fact, I briefly toyed with the idea of naming this blog "White Suburban Punk Like Me," after one of my favorite lines from my favorite movie. However, I find a somewhat disturbing lack of punk in my list.

In an effort to actually list the songs I'm into and avoid any street-cred salvaging posturing, I've enlisted the help of my iPod. By checking my most frequently played songs and highest rated songs, I think I have a list that represents what I'm actually looking for when I'm cycling through the artist list. The first four were easy. The next two were pretty clear. Deciding the last song was tough. Anything I put in there would knock all of the other options off the list. I played musical chairs until I decided to stop writing.

In case you haven't heard them, I put in youtube links, just like you're going to rush off and listen to them on my recommendation. Hubris!

Bull in the Heather: Sonic Youth
Kim Gordon offers up a master class on counting by tens. The other woman in the video? Jump down three slots, it's Kathleen Hanna.

Destroy Everything You Touch: Ladytron
Sing me Bulgarian techno. Hurray for the end of the cold war.

Jumpers: Sleater-Kinney
I love the crunchy distortiony guitars in the chorus. Yes, that is too a word... now. I'm also taken with the phrase "the golden spine of engineering." I believe I've already mentioned that I'm a geek.

TKO: Le Tigre
If I didn't know better, I'd almost think this was a mid-eighties song, but I'd be off by a couple of decades. I do know better, and now, so do you. You know... if you didn't know before I told you. Just so we're all on the same page here.

I Just Wanna Have Something to Do: Garbage
My Favorite Manson covers the Ramones, what more could I want? The link is to a crappy bootleg live version, the one on my iPod is off the We're A Happy Family tribute CD, so I win!

Tribulations: LCD Soundsystem
I also like North American Scum and Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, but this is my go-to song by LCD Soundsystem.

Caramel: Suzanne Vega
OK, I've changed this last spot over and over. This is the one I had down when the time ran out. There are lots of other songs that could go here. The link is to a live version which is, in my opinion, not even remotely as good as the original. She's fine, but the band sucks. What can you expect from a Swiss jazz festival, besides pocket knives with a scat attachment? Her voice is the best thing about this song anyway.

The tag stops here. You've already done it, don't feel like doing it, or don't like being tagged. Am I Wrong? (OK, that was just cheating... and the link sucks) If I am wrong, you're next.


lulu said...

They didn't make my top 7, but I have been listening to a lot of Sleater-Kinny as well.

BeckEye said...

Wow, I haven't heard that Sonic Youth song in a long time. Haven't seen the video in forever, either but I vividly remember it!

dmarks said...

I love "Ladytron". Nice blog name, too, a little bit in the same vein as my blog name.

deadspot said...

You have such good taste in music, Lulu. You had several songs on your list that probably would have been in mine if I wasn't so lazy about filling my iPod.

Also, I totally love the ellipsis thing on your blog. The name of my blog was very nearly Ellipsis Addiction... you can probably guess why.

Bull in the Heather was my most-played song for a really long time, now it swaps spots back and forth with Jumpers. That's a great video, there are parts of it that I see in my mind's eye whenever I listen to it on my iPod.

There were a couple of other Ladytron songs I could have chosen, but this one is my favorite. Evil by Ladytron and Evil by Interpol are listed one after the other on my most played list.