Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Theater! Theater!

Johnny Cash's old house, now owned by one of the Bee Gees (You'll have to figure out which one. I can't tell them apart.), burned down yesterday. I'll leave the Ring of Fire jokes to less sophisticated media outlets.

Apparently, it burned really quickly because they had applied a flammable wood preservative. Now, I'm no expert in home renovation, but I do know this much about wood: it's made of wood. Making it more flammable is probably not your best preservation option.


BeckEye said... I'm reading this, there is a Bee Gees song on.

It's either Barry or Robin because the other two are dead.

Johnny Yen said...

I think Kim mentioned it was Barry.

I hadn't heard about the flamable wood preservative. That's up there with the guys who blew themselves up a couple o f years ago lighting a match to investigate a gas leak in a house.

lulu said...

I have seen several bits about this on the web, almost all using the tagline "and it burns, burns, burns".

Coaster Punchman said...

Is it the one featured in the movie?

deadspot said...

It was Barry.

Well, Lulu, I do try to raise the level of discourse, as evidenced by today's touching eulogy for Kurt Vonnegut.

I don't know about the movie, but the article says it was used in the Hurt video.