Monday, April 30, 2007

Slow News Day

I say we ban Mondays. Let's have double Saturdays instead.

I'm done with the whole "yakking about my days as a wee lad" thing for now, I'm not really ready to face politics yet, and I'm at a loss for something to blog about.

I mean... sure, I could talk about Bob Woolmer being poisoned, and I could probably tie it into a somewhat amusing anecdote about the time I narrowly missed killing a frat boy with a cricket ball, or the time we made the university remove all their novelty "EIU Cricket Club" shirts from the university bookstore. But do any of you care about cricket? Probably not. I used to enjoy playing cricket, and even I'm not interested in cricket.

I could talk about the fact that the Supreme Court just said it is OK for US companies to violate US patents as long as they do it outside of the United States, and I could turn it into a rant about how much Microsoft sucks or how retarded the Supreme Court has become. But you all know that Microsoft sucks and that the Supreme Court has the moral authority of a goat molester, and the whole thing borders on politics anyway.

You also know that the goverment lies about progress in Iraq, that Wolfowitz is a corrupt hypocrite, and that Pollyanna Petraeus has completely sacrificed his credibility in order to support the administration. Politics, Politics, Politics. Not today, OK?

And I should really let Johnny blog about the Chelsea Flower Show's tribute to Iggy Pop, especially since it involves Lust For Life.

I'm at a loss.

Suggestions, anyone?


Johnny Yen said...

Do you think that they're alternately telling the little old ladies who want to contribute that it's about Vincent Van Gogh?

I forgot to mention in my posts from Seattle that when Andreas picked me up at the airport, he showed me the place he and Lynn were bidding on on Puget Sound (they got the place) and we stopped in a bar in the little coastal town. The first song that played was "Lust for Life." It bid well for a good trip.

BeckEye said...

I read on another blog that it's Masturbation Month. You could talk about how you're celebrating that.

deadspot said...

Actually, Johnny, the little old ladies probably think it has something to do with cruises.

Oh, Becks, that is so wrong. ...and so funny.

Johnny Yen said...

We'll all be doing heroin on deck three, right after shuffleboard...