Thursday, April 5, 2007

How Is That Even Possible?

It's official: conditions at Guantanamo are actually getting worse. Is there nothing the Bushies can't make worse? Where do they go from here? I fear that this can only end in show tunes.

I find it profoundly depressing that I live in a country that has to be told by Amnesty International that, "While the United States has an obligation to protect its citizens... that does not relieve the United States from its responsibilities to comply with human rights."

I don't like living in a country with secret courts. I don't like living in a country that ignores international law. I don't like living in a country that is a violator of human rights. Aren't these the sorts of things that we are supposed to be against?

Wait... did you feel that? I think that was the Axis of Evil shifting.

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Johnny Yen said...

"If there's any way we can screw up some more, somebody let me know."-- Capt. James T. Kirk, "The Undiscovered Country."