Friday, May 25, 2007

How Do You Say Cold War in Mandarin?

The US is worried that China is moving toward a preemptive defense policy and is modernizing their nuclear arsenal. Iraqis responded, "Really? How'd that work out for you?"


Writeprocrastinator said...

I don't know, how about "冷战?"

Does the question mark go on the left?

No, that's Japanese that reads right to left. Anyways, that's not Mandarin, it's simplified Chinese. The best way to mess with people's heads. 对了吗 (right)?

Johnny Yen said...

Wait a minute, next thing you'll tell me that the United States released a manuel for terror in Nicaragua and now claims to be the shining light in the fight against terror. That would be downright hypocritical.

deadspot said...

說什麼, WP?

I always use for my faux translation needs. It's got more options, and you can reverse them to see if, hypothetically speaking, it may have mangled "Say what?" into "What said?"

So what you're telling me, Johnny, is that politicians don't always act the way they say we should?