Monday, May 14, 2007

It's A Small Web After All

I was going to do a quick little post about that terrible DiSaronno ad. You know the one. The one that looks like it was shot for about $20 with a handful of people that the director rounded up at a bus stop. They're certainly not actors.

Faithful readers will have noticed that I like to make fun of people. Really, all I wanted to do was make fun of the guy who plays the bartender. He's just terrible. He should concentrate on actual bartending, because frankly, the acting thing isn't going to go anywhere for him.

What I really wanted to make fun of was the look he gives the girl sucking on the ice cube at the end of the commercial. I can't help but laugh at this point in the commercial, because all I can think is that the director told him "It should look a little bit like you're horny, and a lot like you just peed yourself."

I thought that I should put in an illustration of "the look", for my Brazilian pals and anyone else who may not have seen the ad, so I went to the always dependable GIS to see what I could find. Lo and behold, there at the top of the very first page was exactly what I was looking for. A picture of the DiSaronno guy looking like a dork. But what's this? The picture was on Shakespeare's Sister, which is only two degrees of blogger separation away. I can't swipe an image from someone that close. It's not like we're from Kentucky.


vikkitikkitavi said...

That commercial is vile. Not just because of the terrible quality of the acting, but also because the group of friends at the bar with their pointless laughing and their dorky drink orders end up sort of pranking the bartender. And I don't approved of pranking people in the service industry, even if they suck, and even in really bad commercials.

Johnny Yen said...

The commercial is quite lame. And what was that woman thinking? Everyone knows that bartenders are notorious lotharios. Except when I was one.

Flannery Alden said...

I've thought the very same thing, Deadspot! Haaaaate that commercial and all disorono commercials.

Natalie said...

I never knew what it was about that commercial that bothered me. I think you nailed it.