Thursday, May 31, 2007

News That Only Interests Me

I normally only post things (with varying levels of success) that I think will interest you. This one's for me, but I'm hoping that you may find something of interest.

Sepp Blatter, probably most famous for suggesting that female soccer players should wear tighter shorts, has been retained as President of FIFA, the world soccer organization. In his defence, he could have suggested that they play Shirts and Skins. (Yes, of course there's a wikipedia page, and it contains a) a link to its rival wikipedia page, Shirts versus skins; b) a link to the wikipedia breast page, in case you have no idea what one is; and c) a link to a website called Shirtless Men World, in case you need a source of outside information on shirtless men... a whole world of information, apparently.)

The old coot seems obsessed with uniforms, penalizing Cameroon's national team twice: first for wearing sleeveless uniforms in 2002, and again two years later for wearing unitards (I saw pictures... heavy emphasis on the "tard") that did not conform to the laws of the game. (Yes, soccer has laws, not rules. They were deadly serious about this crap back in 1886.)

Also, thanks to Sepp, players can be now penalized for engaging in that most traditional of goal celebrations: whipping off your shirt and running across the field. Although he claimed otherwise, it was obvious that this decision resulted from poorly-designed Nike jerseys worn during the 2002 World Cup that were well nigh impossible to put back on once removed, resulting in delays in restarting play.

He ran unopposed. Really? Nobody else wanted this job? He's doing such a fine job that nobody else in the whole world would have a chance against him? Maybe I should have filed this under WTF.


Johnny Yen said...

Wait-- female players wearing tighter shorts would be a bad thing?

deadspot said...

Apparently. Some people took his suggestion poorly.