Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How's That Surge Working Out For Us?

How do the Republicans think we can control all of Iraq when we can't even control Baghdad? We now control less than a third of the city. As I see it, that makes the insurgency and the militias more than twice as effective as we are.

You think it's bad now? Don't forget, once the Brits pull out of the south, our supply lines from Kuwait will be completely exposed. Running supply convoys through there is going to look like something out of the Road Warrior. It's only a matter of time until we'll have to airlift supplies into Baghdad. If you hurry, you may still be able to find some veterans of Stalingrad to ask how that will turn out.

Control Iraq... hell, we can't even control the Green Zone. Remember when they walked in and bombed the Iraqi Parliament while they were having lunch? What will it take for them to admit that this was a failure? It's hard to come up with a set of victory criteria that include transitioning from control of the whole country to being penned into a third of the capital.

If only someone could have predicted that this was a bad idea before we invaded... Oh wait, I did.


Johnny Yen said...

They don't even need to talk to the vets of Stalingrad-- they can talk to the vets in our own military about the Berlin Airlift.

What will constitute a victory? Indeed.

I was watching that clip from The View, where the one conservative woman kept going on about "giving the enemy our playbook," regarding an exit from Iraq. Who is the enemy? I thought it was Saddam Hussein? I thought it was Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now it's Al Queda, which was not there before we invaded-- the chaos our invasion created gave them the oppurtunity to enter the country and organize. The "insurgents?" Do you mean the Sunnis who want to kill the Shias, the Shias who want to kill Sunnis, the Shias and Sunnis who want to kill Kurds? The criminal gangs that are kidnapping and killing people? It's a great big clusterfuck, and making a bunch of 22 year old kids try to straighten it out is just sick and mean.

The only victory would be to get our troops out of there and to start dealing with our domestic problems.

deadspot said...

Yeah, it's ridiculous that they refuse to commit to any kind of benchmarks for success. They keep telling us that we're making progress in Iraq.

To be fair, they never said in which direction.