Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Rock Star Moment

I may have mentioned that I worked for a national disarmament group. I was the downstate organizer for the state organization, so I worked with several local chapters to help them organize and coordinate actions. I went to their meetings, I went to their events, I ran the downstate office (staff: me), and I lobbied congressmen from the area. Of course, the Chicago office had the money, so the lobbying was all phone calls and letter writing campaigns for me, except for the occasional trip to Springfield for a face to face meeting. (I met Democratic Big Shot Dick Durbin back when he was a lowly state senator, but I'm sure he doesn't remember me.) The Chicago office got the travel budget and all the fun stuff, while I did the grassroots thing. So far, I know, this doesn't sound like rock star stuff, but stick around, the rock star moment is coming up in just about two sentences.

Late in my stay at Eastern, I switched my minor to a double major and had to take an extra semester to get both degrees because one was a B.A. and one was a B.S., so I ended up starting the job before I finished college. One day, I had to blow off one of my Poli Sci classes because, right as I was leaving for class, the U.S. Representative from my district called me to ask what I thought about an upcoming bill.

Best. Excuse. Ever.


BeckEye said...

Sure, but did he write you a note?

Flannery Alden said...

Awesome! Did he take your advice?

Natalie said...

Easily a great excuse. I wish someone cool would call me.

Dale said...

Nobody ever calls me, I'm considering listing my phone number again. Excellent excuse! I would use it over and over.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey, you didn't tell us the important part: did it get you laid?

deadspot said...

He did, Becks, but his phone call meant that there were at least 8 congressmen who wanted my opinion but were too busy or, more likely, shy to call.

He did, Flan, but it was how he was planning to vote anyway. He thought we would probably be behind the bill and mainly called to make sure that he wasn't missing anything buried in the bill.

I could send you an email, Natalie. Would that count?

That's a great idea, Dale. I should start using it again.

Sadly, Johnny, it did not get me inside the beltway.